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Dr.Deep Valiparambil BAM, MD
Valiparambil House
Post Kazhimbram
Thrissur- Kerala
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Question (Laxmi, U.A.E.): I have been losing a lot of hair for the past few years.  It is not falling in clusters, rather it is a gradual loss of strands everyday.  However, new hair is not growing back at the same rate.  As a result the quantity of hair left on my head has greatly decreased. Even if I don't oil my hair, you can see the scalp from underneath the hair.  The hair is dull and sparsely laid now.  Also, one-eighth of my hair is turning white while the rest of my body and face make me look young for my age.  It is very odd.  I am also very apprehensive about using chemical dyes on my hair.  Several specialists call this a result of pollution.  However, being indoors, I am not exposed to pollution as much.  All treatments (the black pepper massage and special shampoos) have failed.  Please suggest a home remedy for: arresting the fall, stimulating new hair growth and reversing the greying.  Should I dye or use henna?  What is the best way to use either?

Answer: A lot of letters are coming to with the same hair problems like the above.  Hair fall, dandruff, headache and premature greying are the main problems of most of them.

 The most important issue is diet.  Does it include sufficient proteins, that are so vital to hair health.  Hair is constituted of proteins and if your diet is low in protein in-take, hair quality begins to deteriorate.  If you are a non-vegetarian, have enough of eggs and fish.  If you are a vegetarian, substitute that with soya flour, bean curd, cottage cheese, soya milk, cereals and almonds.

Next important thing is hair treatment.  There are a lot of herbs for hair care that can be prepared and used as per the ayurvedic principles. And for me it is not advisable to ask you to collect a variety of herbs from around the globe to create a hair tone for your use.  It is not practical especially in your place (UAE).  Keeping this in mind, we have developed a hair tone based in ayurveda named Kunthalamrutham hair tone.  40herbs are used to prepare this hair tone.  And it is very effective for stopping hair fall, dandruff, headache, premature greying etc..  It is available in your place also.  

How to use Kunthalamrutham for better result?

Apply Kunthalamrutham directly on a clean scalp, massage lightly for 15 minutes. Leave it on for another 15 minutes.  Rinse off thoroughly with cold water.  Do this treatment every day without fail.  I am certain you will see your hair getting better. (See KRHC Method for complete hair care)

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